Circle Time

We had a lovely circle time this afternoon sharing ideas about what made the children feel happy in class and around WCM! This made us all feel very positive on a soggy Monday afternoon 🙂 


Chocolate fountain

Last week we filled our jar of good choices so today we had our chocolate fountain treat!

We found a penguin!

Y2 had to rescue our penguin this morning! He had made his way up to the running track but didn’t know how to get back. We went to find him and are now writing instructions to help him.

Lost and Found

We have been reading the story of Lost and Found. Today the story got muddled up so we had to work together to put the story back in the correct order using our story maps to help us. We love Oliver Jeffers.

Harvest Festival

Just a reminder to bring in any dry or tinned food that can be donated on Friday for Harvest Festival. No matter how big or small, it all counts. If you would like to donate anything please bring it into your child’s classroom. 

Thank you, 

Y2 team

Place value

In Y2 this week we have been looking at place value. We have been showing tens and ones in numbers in different ways. All of the Y2 team have been very impressed with their maths!