This week in Y2.

We have looked in reading diaries and this week great reading for Esmae, Finn, Jessica, Olivia, Reon, Shayla, Amina, Laraib, Ollie, Corey, Max, Charlie, Maisie, Darcie, Robyn and Ivy.

Postcards to Charlie, Maisie and Holly.


Y2MM enjoyed science yesterday. We were learning about the density of liquids and buoyancy. We conducted 3 experiments and the children had to make a foil boat and place as many weights in the boat without it sinking. They did really well, asked lots of questions and could explain what was happening. Well done Y2!

True or False?

Today in Year 2 MM we went outside in the rain and we saw something in a big puddle to our amazement. It was a huge shark swimming around and eating children! There was also 2 dancing crocodiles on the school roof.

Anti-bullying Week

Next week is Anti bullying week and the theme is ‘Reach out.’  

We will start the week with odd sock day on Monday to celebrate what makes us all unique.  

Friday is also Children In Need and we will be wearing anything yellow and/or spotty.  There will be a donation of 50p and this will be collected in classes.  

Home learning

We sent home a set of activities to complete as home learning this half term. Some children have already started to bring in some work – well done! Here is a photo of a Titanic Lego model!

This week in Year 2

We gave a postcard to Finn for enjoying a challenge, he found his way through the cave bus and helped other children out too. These children have read 4 or more times this week, so well done to them. Esmai, Finn, Jacob, Jessica, Layla, Levia, Olivia, Orlando, Reon, Summer, Laraib, Corey, Max, Charlie, Maisie, Darcy, Robin, Thanos, Ellie-May and ivy. You have 5 more weeks to get your 40 reads badge