Travel guide update!

The children have worked so hard in their writing over the last two weeks to complete their first two pages. 

After research, they have written their inviting information about different attractions and places to eat. Some of the children have take so much care with coping these up. 

Here are just a few examples 

Lowry Art

Over the last two afternoons, we have been looking at LS Lowry’s art work. The children noticed how he used dull colours and didn’t draw faces. 

The children then tried to recreate their own seascape pictures. Here is some of here first drafts. 

Reward time

In Year 2 the children have worked so hard this half term in their writing and SATs test. 

All the grown ups are so proud of how the children have resilient and tried their best so we had a little party! 

Here are some of the picture of them enjoying the weather and working together 


This afternoon we learnt about physical and human geography features. Physical features as natural features of the earth and human features are the impact man has on the world. 

When we were confident with the two definitions of these, we linked this to our learning of Kenya. We have created a table to record features that we might find in the landscape of Kenya.

All about Kenya

We are very lucky in Year 2 today as we have had a special visitor, Becky Lyne. 

Becky is very knowledgeable about Kenya as she used to visit there as an athelete. 

She told us about there school day – we were surprised to find out that some children ran for 1 hour to get to school and arrived by 7am. 

We hope to create some fantastic poster to show some of these facts – watch out for them!

Beach pictures 

To kick start of new theme ‘Spot the difference – Are things really as different as they seem?’ We are starting by looking at different seasides. We would like the children to share a holiday picture of a beach they have visited. 

You can bring in a photograph or email a picture to us at  

Easter homework

You have all worked so hard this term and we do hope you have a lovely break. 

You should have all gone home with a brown envelope with lots of SATs revision in. It would be good if you could complete this but only in short bursts – 10 minutes each day for example. 

Y2 team 🙂 

Owl Babies stories 

After our brilliant retelling lesson, we started putting pencil to paper today to write our story. 

The children are thought carefully about the features and vocabulary they are including. Here are some of the beginning of our stories – make sure you come back later in the week for the finish pieces!