Tuesday 7th July

Hello Y2! How are you today?

Let’s do some Cosmic Yoga!

Writing/Weekly Challenge

Yesterday, you created a poster all about you! Today we’d like you to begin writing a letter to your new teacher. Today, we are going to be writing the introduction paragraph. Your letter needs to begin with:

Dear ____(new teacher’s name)____,

My name is…

Here’s some sentence starters you could use! You will need to include basic facts about yourself in the introduction paragraph, like you name, your age, where you live and who is in your family.

My name is…

I am….

I live in….

In my family, there is….


Yesterday, you played some board games. Today, we’d like you to make a list of what makes a good board game. What makes it easy to play? We will use this list for the rest of the week!

Have a great day and send any photos by 3pm to y2@watercliffe.sheffield.sch.uk

Monday 6th July

Good morning Y2s! Have you had a good weekend?


Keep practising your phonics every day!


This week, we’d like you to spend ten minutes every day reading something of your choice.

Writing/Weekly Challenge

This week, we are going to create a couple of things to send to your new teachers! To start with, we’d like you to make a poster all about you! We will give these to your new teachers so they can find out lots of interesting things about you before September!

Here are some examples:


This week we are going to be looking at board games!

Today, we want you to play board games! If you have any at home, play those. If you don’t, here are some links to Snakes and Ladders, and Dominoes!



Have a lovely day and send any learning photos by 3pm to y2@watercliffe.sheffield.sch.uk

Today’s learning

Here are some pictures from today. Have a lovely weekend. You should’ve received a text today from school. School is closing on Friday 17th July and will re-open on Tuesday 1st September. WE CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL ON SEPTEMBER 1st!

Friday 3rd July

Hello! How are you today?

Let’s start off with our CLIC test:


Yesterday, you wrote your own amazing Dreamtime story. Today, can you draw some pictures to show what’s happening in your story?

Weekly Challenge – family picnic

How did you get on with planning, making and having your own family picnic? Well done if you managed it!

Golden Time

Now it’s time for Golden Time! What will you choose to do? You could play some games, chill and watch a film or do some more Cosmic Yoga videos! It is up to you, just make sure you enjoy yourself – you have worked hard this week!

Have a lovely day, and a lovely weekend! Send any photos from today by 3pm to y2@watercliffe.sheffield.sch.uk

Thursday 2nd July

Hello everyone!


Today, use your story mountain to write your Dreamtime story. Make sure you write in full sentences and remember all the important things like capital letters, full stops and finger spaces! You could make it really interesting by using lots of adjectives (describing words).


Have a go at the subtraction calculations and then try the repeating shapes pattern investigation.


Let’s do some Cosmic Yoga!

Weekly Challenge

Have you had your family picnic yet? If you have, how did it go? If not, you still have time today and tomorrow!

Have a lovely day Y2. Don’t forget to send in any learning photos by 3pm to y2@watercliffe.sheffield.sch.uk