Anti-Bullying Week

This week is anti-bullying week. In Y2, we have watched Digiduck and learned about the importance of keeping your personal information safe online. They did really well at identifying kind, unkind and dangerous comments that they may find online.
Well done Y2!

Titanic Mockumentary

We’ve had such an exciting week in Year 2!

We had some very interesting visitors who crash landed in our hall whilst they were time traveling. They took us back in time to the Titanic and we discovered new and interesting facts about being on the ‘unsinkable ship’!

Please take a look at the video that our friends at Sheffield Theatres have made for us to show our amazing experience from this week. Well done Y2 on your brilliant drama skills, wonderful imaginations and positive learning attitudes!

Titanic Drama

We had 2 time traveller visitors to school over the last two days. We travelled back in time to 1912 and the day the Titanic launched on its maiden voyage. The children learned about first, second and third class passengers and have made a mockumentary. This will be shared soon!

Money Money Money!

We are currently teaching our wonderful Year 2s Money in Maths. This includes recognising coins and notes, adding amounts together and finding change. To further support your child in our Maths topic, please watch this video link and explore different notes and coins that you may have at home. There are also some great games linked to Money that they can play whilst learning too on the website below!

Thank you for your support!

Y2 Team x

Golden Time

In Golden Time this week we have been painting and decorating biscuits. We had a lovely time. In Circle Time today the Y2’s made their Class Charter for everyone to sign and be ready to follow!

Hockey Skills

This afternoon, we have been recapping our dribbling skills in hockey as well as stopping and passing the ball. We played Piggy in the middle where the children had to intercept the ball. They were amazing!