Big finish

Here are the children learning the waltz. During the last week of term we will be inviting parents in to view our Titanic museum. The children are working really hard to prepare for this and are excited to show you all of their learning!



Y2 have been doing science all day! We have been investigating different materials and their properties.

Anti Bullying Week

As part of Anti-bullying week, Year 2 have been discussing what bullying is, what it means to be a good friend and how we can be respectful to others around school. We have had a lovely afternoon filled with singing, Circle Time and creating a kindness wall to show how respectful we can be to one another.

Well done Year 2! 😊<<


Here are Y2 hard at work this Monday morning. We are watching a video and making notes about the mighty liner. We are so impressed with their concentration and focus this morning.


For our last gymnastics lesson the children worked in teams to perform a sequence to the rest of the class. They really impressed us with their teamwork and with their different ways of travelling. Well done Year 2!

Circle Time

We had a lovely circle time this afternoon sharing ideas about what made the children feel happy in class and around WCM! This made us all feel very positive on a soggy Monday afternoon πŸ™‚