Beat The Street

Starting from 16th June, there will be a game called Beat the Street coming to Sheffield! Each week of Beat the Street has a theme. You can find out more about the ‘Go Weeks’ in the Video Assembly and PowerPoint. The first week runs from Wednesday 16th to Tuesday 22nd June and is called ‘Go Play’. This is all about getting out and enjoying playing Beat the Street.

Your child will receive a fob that they can use to play the game and you will also get a card to join in too! All you have to do is find a Beat Box and hold your card/fob over it until it beeps and flashes! Make sure that you register any card/fobs you get so that you can earn points, track score and even win prizes!
Here is a video to explain more.

If anyone is finding it difficult to register their card or fob then here is a video to help. If you are still struggling after the video, please see your child’s teacher!

Stacking cups and Teddy Bear’s Picnic

We have had a great last day of this half term! This morning we had another session using the giant stacking cups which was great fun and this afternoon we had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

We hope everyone has a really lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you for the last half term of Y2. Fingers crossed we will get some fantastic weather!

Planting seeds

As part of our science learning we have planted our own seeds and we’re very excited to see what happens once the seeds germinate and the plants start to grow! We also studied different seeds and compared them using scientific vocabulary.

Another lesson with Arches – this time it is cricket!

We have been learning cricket skills today. We have learnt to hit the ball using the bat and then how to make a run. The fielders learnt how to get a batter out by hitting the stumps. We really enjoyed the lesson but kept dropping the bat when we ran!

We have also been learning more about Australia and found out about some key Australian landmarks such as Sydney Harbour Bridge. The animals in Australia are really interesting too and the most deadly ones seem to be the most interesting!

Super science observations

The Y2s have done a great job of identifying and making careful observations of the different plants we have around school. We can now identify beech trees, daffodils, dandelions, tulips, grape hyacinths and blossom. We were very impressed with the way they could make comparisons between the plants and could talk about petals, stems and leaves.