This afternoon we used different sketching techniques to sketch animals. Rob joined us and he is very proud of his work. 

Trip to Weston Park

We had a great trip to the Weston Park Museum this week. We learnt lots of new facts about animals and about their habitats. Then we worked in teams to create our very own habitat for animals which was lots of fun! The children were brilliant and made us very proud! Well done Year 2! 

Festive Food Bank Visit

We have had the most lovely and special afternoon visiting the food bank. They were so blown away by our donations and loved our Christmas singing! The children were wonderful and made us proud! Thank you for your generosity! 

Merry Christmas from Year 2! 🎄

Titanic Waltz

We are really improving our dancing skills in P.E week after week. We have been learning the Titanic waltz and have been really enjoying it and working really well together with our dance partners. It’s just like Strictly Come Dancing in the Hall on a Monday afternoon! 

Well done Year 2!

A different point of view

Sometimes you need to see things from the point of view of another person. Often if we cannot do this it is a reason that we fall out with our friends. Today in circle time we told stories from 2 different points of view. We know that you need to be a super listener to do this so we played some listening games.