Sequencing events

In year two, we have been reading the ‘There’s a lion in my cornflakes’ and we are loving it! Last week we thoughts about all the key events in the book and sequencing them in chronological order. 

Here are some examples of their work 



In Year 2, we are learning about measuring and estimating length. This afternoon we took on the task of measuring different parts of the body. We looked at our hand span, shoe size, height and around our head. 

New theme!

In Year two we have explored our new theme of ‘Healthy Eating’. 

The children started by finishing this statement – Healthy eating is… 

The children then sorted a range of food by their own categories. Lots sorted them by healthy and not healthy but some did the taste and colour. This allowed them to have some good discussions when they disagreed on a item of food. For example, Lewis and Riley had a discussion on whether burgers are healthy or not. 

Here are some pictures of there sorting.