Basic needs

This afternoon we have been learning about basic needs of all living things .

We starting imagining that we were going to space and discussed what we need to survive. The children then decided on the three most important ones.

We then made links to other animals and what they need to survive. One child had a great discussion point about what fish need and how they need water in a different way to us.

We moved on further to talking about how we care for our pet – here are some examples of these.


Christmas Home Learning

Here are some pictures of your fabulous home learning from over Christmas.

Sterlin had fun playing games with his brother and going on a snowy walk!


Blossom enjoyed playing scrabble and seeing Miss Gibson in Panto!


Well it has been such a delight to spend time with your children this week at Whirlow.

Both classes have been so polite and a pleasure to take away. We have had some amazing adventures and made lots of memories!

Here are just a few photos to show you what we have been up to.

Hope all the children have a relaxing half term!

Sentence types

Today we did our first SPaG lesson on sentences types.

As we are writing instructions this week we focussed on commands.

We learnt that these tell us what to do and start with an imperative verb (also known as bossy verbs).

Here is some sorting, highlighting and sentences we did in the lesson.

Place Geography

As part of our theme, we have been looking at locating continents and oceans. The children know a great song to help with this!

Today we moved onto thinking about the different climates around the world. We learnt about the equator and how that affects the temperature of a country. We then thought where a range of animal would live and why. There were some fabulous discussions across both classes.

The number 1

This week we are having a big focus on the number 1!

Here are the children completing some questions to show their understanding. If you look closely you can see the methods they are using 🙂

Making links

In Year 2 we have been making links with our Maths learning. We have been learning about related facts.

We have been thinking of number facts we know and how this links to adding 10s.

E.g. 5 + 3 = 8 so 50 + 30 = 80

Lost and found

We have been having fun in y2 retelling the story of Lost and found.

First the children wrote the story on strips to retell the key events and ordered them.

Then today we looked at the WAGOLL and ordered a cut up version using the story map.

Keep in touch to see our own version of Lost and found.

Key question

During this term all our learning is going to be focussed on our key question of ‘Is something ever truly lost?’

We have already had a P4C session on this where most of the children could us personal experiences to agree that someone can be truly lost like a teddy on holiday or a toy on a train. Some children did disagree and say these could be brought again so they aren’t truly lost. It was a very interesting discussion.

We will update you more as we continue with all our learning around this question.