Owl Babies stories 

After our brilliant retelling lesson, we started putting pencil to paper today to write our story. 

The children are thought carefully about the features and vocabulary they are including. Here are some of the beginning of our stories – make sure you come back later in the week for the finish pieces! 


Owl Babies

This week we will be writing our own retelling of the story of ‘Owl Babies’. Today we are starting with retelling the story using a story map. 

The children worked really reciprocally to include all the key information and a range of adventurous vocabulary. 


Today in Y2 we have started a block of work on fractions. 

We gave the children the challenge to find a half of the whole amount of Smarties. 

There were 16 Smarties in my bag and they shared them into half. We then found one quarter of the whole amount. 

Super sentences

Yesterday, we write some sentences about the events of the Chestnut centre. The children tried really hard to include lots of our writing features like adverbs, adjectives and conjunctions. 

Chestnut Centre

In Year 2, we had a fab day yesterday at the Chestnut centre. All the children were amazing and enjoyed seeing all the otters, owls, foxes, wild cats and more!

We were amazed by how close the deer came to Y2HM and were really saw his antlers. We worked out he was 4 years old!

The children are back in school planning some brilliant recounts from the day so watch this space! In the meantime, here are some pictures from the day.