Do they know it’s Christmas in Kenya?

As part of our project which links schools from around the world, Y2 were visited by Becky who explained what Christmas is like in Kenya. We have made cards and written messages to wish children in our link school a merry Christmas.




What a lot of drama

In Y2, we have been learning all about the Titanic and the sad events which caused the ship to tragically sink into the Atlantic Ocean. As part of our literacy sessions, we are acting out the main events of the stories. Please take a sneaky peak of our rehearsals. You’ll sadly have to wait for the film created, this will premier at the Showroom cinema next year!



We would like to share some photos of our fun, hands on spelling lesson on Monday. We played lots of spelling games and even got the playdough out! Let’s hope we all spell them correctly on Thursday!

image image image image image image image image

Y2 Catherdral Visit

Today we went on a lovely visit to the Cathedral in town to watch “The Snow Dragon”. We then went to the Town Hall and had lunch in the Conference Room. We even got to meet the Lord Mayor!! Here are some questions that we asked him

How did you become Lord Mayor?

Like your school council, I was voted in by other members of the council

What do you do as Lord Mayor?

A – I spend some of my time meeting lovely children like yourselves

Do you like your job?


Are you posh?


Did you ever go to school?

I did. I went to school in Pakistan.

image image